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  • Rust!
    I HATE RUST! It's such an aweful, hateful car disease. I was rear-ended in October 2006 with the blunt of the damage to the back passenger side. All that has shown thus far...

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    On the same note....
    I would like to emphasize that you can buy a car 10 years newer for that price... Crazy dealership, I'm gonna stop there and ask if they'll buy mine for 4500....LMAO!

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    Shopping for a Beretta...
    It is outrageous the price that dealers are selling Berettas for here in NE WI. I'd love to purchase another Beretta. I've looked for cars like mine (1994, v6, 100,000+ miles,...

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Thank you, I loved those cars to death! So much fun to drive, but bad electrical problems... Still my favorite body-style from Dodge...
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Nice Daytonas!
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