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  • SP33D1N started a blog post I got wheels!!!

    I got wheels!!!

    My wonderful fiance picked me up a set of 91-94 cavi rims for a christmas present. what a fabulous woman!!! 15's 205/60R15. got em with junk tires for $50. they're gonna be my winter project they need some refinishing work cant wait till spring!! pics under...
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  • SP33D1N started a blog post Tires and Spacers

    Tires and Spacers

    So I'm in need of new all seasons before winter and want to go wider and a little lower profile but stay on the same 14x6 steel wheels and add 50mm spacers all around. Hmmm... Thinkin' a 205/65R14 from a 185/75R14. Need feedback. What do ya'll think?
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  • SP33D1N started a blog post Swappage.


    So i have found some good candidates for motor and trans swap. Quad 4 3.4 v6 3.8 sc v6 3.4 turbo 3.1 turbo quad 4 turbo So many possibilities. . .
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