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  • SouthJerseyMonte started a blog post Finally!!!


    Ok...I was finally able to get to doing the mods on Labor Day. I wasn't able to, unfortunately, finish all of the ones I wanted to due to time and money issues. I added the SLP front grille, a pace car spoiler, and the Weathertech window vent shades. Also...
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  • SouthJerseyMonte started a blog post Delays

    Delays was not to be the day. I had originally planned to start the mods today, but the weather has seen fit to be really crappy! So...hopefully tomorrow will be better. If not tomorrow...I still have Monday! Woohoo!!! Gotta love long weekends!
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  • SouthJerseyMonte started a blog post Finally...


    One year after buying my 2002 Monte Carlo LS, I'm finally getting around to doing some cosmetic upgrades! I also plan to gut the airbox and add a drop-in K&N filter. I've already purchased most of the's just a matter of waiting for them to...
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