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The Stealth is back home after a week and a half of work. The Overdrive gear was totally lack of any gear, slick as door knob...no teeth what so ever.
Jerry Carter of his 51 year old business pulled the trans out from under the bottom of the Stealth and repaired, cleaned, and replaced the Automatic Trans in a record heat wave. Jerry is over 70 years old, and man let me tell you, This guy knows his business....and charged a price like in the old days, unreal !
My first impress when I pulled in front of his shop was, Oh Boy ! This place looks old and run down, antique transmission parts everywhere, I think I seen the first transmission ever built...this place is a museum.
Lord, inside the garage was cluttered wall to wall, tables full of gears, bands, governors, you name it, it was every where, transmission parts with 3 slots for there patients to rest with a full length I-beam across the shop with a chain hoist on rollers to move the trans from the patient to it's appropriate areas to be processes and then replaced back in it's mounts and ready for service again.
My Trans has never worked this well since it was purchased, ever little detail was taken care of, even the key lock that always acted up sometimes, and you had to wiggle the shifter to get the key out, Fixed, too !
Smooth shifting and excellent working...ever in Paducah, KY check out Jerry Carter transmission shop. You wouldn't think this kind of Quality would come from a shop like this one. Even Jerry is a museum piece.
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The misses and I went on a road trip over the weekend to Harrisburg and Shawneetown, then onto Kentucky over the Ohio River bridge at Shawneetown...Route 60 was closed due to construction, so traveled 641 to Eddyville, KY. At Lake City we turned off to go to Patties at Grand Rivers, checked out the sites for couple of hours then back towards home on I-24, last exit in Kentucky before the Ohio River the transmission goes crazy, we pull off the exit and head home on 45 Highway, ends up reverse is out as well as OD. Car is in the transmission shop in Paducah, KY for repairs.
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