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Todd is hoping and praying god bless to all his friends be safe — updated 8 years ago

  • Age: 39
  • Gender: M
  • Address: North Wales, Pennsylvania
    United States
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Beautiful Garage.
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Hi Thx for the add!!!! Wow stunning garage
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Borrowed Angels
Their so bright, and they feel so much more.
They touch your heart in ways no one has done before.
Their love is sweeter, and in their eyes they show to give you the very best.
Their giggles make our lives so blest.
So why do they, in return go so soon?.
Angels with the most beautiful souls I heard someone say on a full moon.

They must be borrowed angels, here with us in life.
They make everything seem rosy and bright.
Sometimes sadly their Heaven sent,
And sometimes...Heaven needs them back again.

They look so deep within you, they can see your soul.
And even when they leave you know you'll never let go.
The sky seems bluer and the grass is a rich, forest green.
The little angel's work has been done, it seems.

It's okay to cry, you've lost something dear.
But remember that the angel will always be near.
It's looking down from Heaven upon you, with such bliss.
And in the winds it sends down a little kiss.
It's sad for them to go, but their Heaven sent.
And sometimes, Heaven needs them back again.
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