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  • TomHughes started a blog post My BeaveRun Experience

    My BeaveRun Experience

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    Got up early Friday to finish packing and hitch Lucy to the Suburban. Left work at noon, and after filling my two 5 gallon gas cans with cheaper MD gas, hit the road for PA. Met up with Jonathan Kendig and we caravanned the 240 miles to the host hotel...
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  • TomHughes started a blog post Track Day At BeaveRun

    Track Day At BeaveRun

    My '63 Corvair and I are ready for the track! The Northeast Corvair Council’s Time Trials at BeaveRun Motorsports Park are this Saturday, and I’ll be there. I wanted to get a few more things done, but ran out of time. The car’s in better condition for...
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  • TomHughes started a blog post Front Suspension Swap

    Front Suspension Swap

    About two weeks ago, I noticed a vibration coming from the front suspension of my ’63 Corvair. A quick wiggle of the left front wheel indicated I had a loose balljoint. This gave me the impetus to swap in the ’64 front suspension (with swaybar), that...
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  • TomHughes started a blog post Lucy's List

    Lucy's List

    I was going through car receipts the other night and found the one The Corvair Ranch wrote up when getting my '63 Corvar back on the road. I had towed her up there when my previous daily-driver was totalled by stop sign running dump truck. Here's the list...
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  • TomHughes started a blog post Lucy Had the Shakes

    Lucy Had the Shakes

    I bought three decent used tires (Goodyears, $80, mounted and balanced) last Saturday in preparation for the drive down to SC for Christmas. I figured driving 1000 miles at highway speeds on the tires that came from the junkyard with the 280ZX wheels wasn't...
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