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  • WolfBandit30 started a blog post My future Ride!

    My future Ride!

    Looks like I am gonna be looking for another car!! One that is drivable and using the one I got as a parts car!! My budget is too small to restore this one!! I still want a 77-78 Firebird(not TA) but its easier to work on one thats driveable than not!!!!!!!...
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  • WolfBandit30 started a blog post Update


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    Well, I did some more work. Got my boys involved this time!!! They helped clean the parts as I pulled them off!!! Check out my album for the new pics!!!!!
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  • WolfBandit30 started a blog post Work in progress!!

    Work in progress!!

    Be sure to check my pics out!!! Ive torn down just about the whole front end! Trying to get down to the frame! I also found out that I'm definately gonna have to replace the whole drivers rear quarter!!! Other than just cleaning it up and getting rid of...
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  • WolfBandit30 started a blog post My Car

    My Car

    Just to update on my ride, I have found another body to repair the damage with on mine. I also have a motor someone is giving me. Right now I can't argue with free. Although I want to put a Pontiac motor in it. Maybe later. As soon as I get the financing...
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