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  • aem78ta started a blog post Future Issues

    Future Issues

    Hey guys, I'm gonna need some help in insight on this one. If anyone can give me advice on where to start, please do. I can say that the first thing I have done is to stop the rust inside the trunk and order keys for it. The previous owner lost the keys...
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  • aem78ta started a blog post Challenges


    These challenges seem fun. It will be nice to see what kind of outcome and comments I get for the Blueberry & the Motion. To bad I can only do 5 in 24 hrs.
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  • aem78ta started a blog post Hubby's New Hood

    Hubby's New Hood

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    My hubby bought his self a fiberglass hood for the Camaro. He is in the process of getting it ready for paint. I'm so proud of him. As soon as he gets it on the Camaro, I will take pics and post them. I do have an album of the process he is doing... please...
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  • aem78ta started a blog post My Hubby's Car

    My Hubby's Car

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    I've posted my Hubby's car. He worked on it from scratch. I have 5 albums to show all the work he has done on the body. Please take the time to look at the albums and give the pics a trophy as well. He deserves it. Also, leave comments. We want to know what...
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