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  • belair58 started a blog post Absence


    Hey everyone sorry about my long absence, things have been crazy here. I will try to be regular now that things have calmed down some. Hope everyone is doing great and good luck on all your challenges. Thanks
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  • belair58 started a blog post Memorial


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    On Thursday April 26, 2007, My Uncle David was killed in a motorcycle accident. David was the one who owned my 1958 Belair the first time I saw it. The first time I had ever seen a 1958 Chevy. He taught me to appreciate and love the 58's. I am a big fan of...
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  • belair58 started a blog post march 23,2007 belair

    march 23,2007 belair

    today i put the doors and trunk back on the belair. I decided that I needed to start putting her back together even though I dont have all the body work done. I am afraid that this weather is going to start doing some major damage before I can get time to...
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