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The Virago, aka the Adventure Goat, is a machine of opportunity. This weekend was longer because of Good Friday, and, it also being my birthday (weird theological possibilities there) the AG brayed, bolted, and did some roadin'.

Tennessee acquired some new nature area acreage recently and I was inclined to go look at it ... at least from the road. Required: a fast blast down I24, scouting out the area, and a faster blast back up I24. Really a great afternoon of riding. Headwinds on the way back were quite strong and gusty. And semis on the interstates just make things worse, but the old Goat hardly shook 'er head at all and motored easily at 75-85mph. The pic is ghe goat at the end of unlined tarmac, the TN type that I really love. Keith Springs Mountain Road. Google maps thinks it goes all the way through to hwy 16. Wishful thinking.

Saturday, opportunity called again and I stitched together some of my regular "fun" rides. I headed to Watertown, skipped up to hwy 141, followed that to hwy 96 (at center hill dam) headed south to hwy 266 to Smyrna and home. A lot of curves and smiles. All two lane, all good to super sweet.

365 miles of therapy. I'm feeling a need to make another appointment.