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The ALL NEW website debuted early this morning!

The old site served me well for a few years. After the Feedback page disaster last October that some of you are already aware of which caused the loss of 3 1/2 YEARS of customers' comments (not to mention that weird Gallery layout), it was well past time for a big face lift. My shop has been growing so it was time my internet presence started keeping up with the pace.

There are lots of changes and new features throughout including tons of photos, a new Work Samples Gallery, dozens of comments, before and after pictures ... there's even a Customer Swag Survey so you can tell me what kind of freebies / PSC merchandise you want to enjoy along with your finished parts. Most past customers will see at least something that's highly familiar if you look in the right spot.

Please take a few moments and browse through it. I'm anxious to hear what you think! I've already worked out a couple little bugs but I'm sure there are more. Comments and suggestions for improvement are always welcome and appreciated. All previous suggestions received about my old website over the years have been incorporated into the new one (within my limited ability), and it can only get better with your added input. I'm here to serve you.

Thank you for your business!

Leanna ~ The CudaChick
Where Your Parts Are Reborn