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Subject: [BOG] Powdercoating Feedback - 2 Thumbs Up!
Date: 6/7/2007 10:04:59 P.M. Central Daylight Time
From: harry and the rest is made up to protect his privacy @ xxx dot com

Well folks, it looks like I'm number 000001 from the BOG to test out the services of our very own Leanna ~ The CudaChick and her sidekick Billy's new Powdercoating business. I just got back my intake manifold and was impressed with three things:

1 - The quality of the work. Billy personally called me to confirm
it was OK to "clean-up" my manifold before coating it. This service was included in the price quoted. It came out GREAT!

2 - The speed of getting my part in and out of their shop. They got my manifold last Friday and it was back out via UPS this Monday afternoon. Unheard of… Weekend service in today's auto service environment??!!

3 – The reasonable price charged for services rendered. I paid about the same/ a little less, including shipping to and from BFE, as I would have to use a sort-of local shop.

Aside from the quality, the time service was far superior with
Phoenix Specialty Coatings. I really appreciated the speedy and exceptional service I received. They will have me a customer for all my Powdercoating service needs!! I highly recommend them to each and every BOG member. Here's a plug:

Phoenix Specialty Coatings
Greenfield, Tennessee
731-613-9192 (10-9 central)

Thanks again to Leanna and Billy and best of luck with your new business venture... You're already #1 in my book!

2003 Dodge Durango 4x4
1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4
1968 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible (Soon to be a 340 Formula S Clone!)


* * *

Tue 6 Nov 14:03:05 2007

WOWWWWWW!!!....what can be said of the finished product and service except just that????...Now dont go getting an inflated ego Billy.....It was all Leanna......HA!

Thanks again Phoenix Specialty Coatings and "KEEP THOSE ASHES RISING"!!!!!!

Good Luck!