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Malvern, Arkansas
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2006 freedom zapper

“Speed michine”

1979 Honda 10th Anniversary CB750K

“My Horse”

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Photo of: 1979 Honda 10th Anniversary CB750K

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About “Speed michine”

I got this scooter from my crazy ex because she broke it. so i fixed the brake the tire some of the plastic and the steering. I dont really ride it because im a big cat but i let my little nephews ride it.

About “My Horse”

Most of what I start whith is junk, but I turn it into something. This bike was so bad, the guy gave it to me to get it out of his yard. Hard work, a bunch of time & money later, and look what we have. I get compliments all the time, and many offers to take it off my hands. It's a nice bike.


Specs for “Speed michine”

Motor 500watt Electric Scooter
Input Voltage of Battery 110V-220V
Battery Capacity 12AH, 24V
Ignition 12v CDI
Start Electric
Weight Capacity 200 lbs.
Carton Size 45.47 x 13.78 x 20.67 inches
Seat Height 24" - 36"
Weight 78 LBS
Tires 12" Rubber w/innertube
Brakes Rear Drum
Top Speed 10 mph
Material of Scooter Steel Painted with Lacquer Frame & UV Resistant Body
Range 3-4 Miles
Chaging Period 3-6 Hours
10-14 MPH (down hill even faster.)

Specs for “My Horse”

749cc, elek ignition, Chain drive, 4 inline carbs, front disk, rear drum.


Factory Options for “Speed michine”

This Electric Scooter comes with a throttle handle for fast and easy accelerating. The left and right signal gauge set, a motion activated rear safety brake light and the Safety Front Headlight are standard equipment which ensures your safety while riding. With 12" Pneumatic Tires, this Electric Scooter hugs the road snugly. It also features key ignition This electric scooter is also completely foldable and easy to transport. With a top speed of 14mph and average riding speed of 10mph, and a storage box with a key.

Factory Options for “My Horse”

749cc, elek ignition, Chain drive, 4 inline carbs, front disk, rear drum.


Mods for “Speed michine”

neon bar under scooter


Maybe a bigger battery and motor
Better tires
New plastics

Mods for “My Horse”

No modifications listed.


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