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Halifax, Nova Scotia


2008 Yamaha Aerox Orange


1997 Mountain Bike

“Human Power”

Photo of: 2008 Yamaha Aerox
Photo of: 1997 Mountain Bike

Head to Head


About “Aerox”

Bought it new 2 years ago in April 2008
Been tuning it since then, see specs.
It's a 2 stroke 70cc and running at ~11500rpm

Stock it had 50cc, variator transmission was not consistent.
Now it goes from 0 to 100km/h without power loss and a steady ~11500rpm. It accelerates faster then you think for a scooter.
Everything is properly adjusted, from variator and clutch to carburettor, ignition, reed valve, cilinderporting.

About “Human Power”

It's my bicycle, basically. Nothing special about it.

I completely twisted the handle bars once when I wrecked it going down a dirt hill. But after fixing that little problem it still works!


Specs for “Aerox”

Engine: Stage6 streetrace 70cc
Exhaust: Laser x-pro
Piston: Vertex
Carb: 17.5mm Dell Orto
Membrane: Stage6 V-force3
Variator: Stage6 Sport Pro
Clutch: Stage6 Racing
Pulley: Malossi Torque Driver
Fan Belt: Malossi Kevlar

Top speed: 100km/h at gps

Specs for “Human Power”

0.25 horsepower, about 1 lb-ft of torque...

0-20 km/h - 10 seconds
0-40 km/h - 30 seconds
0-60 km/h - 24 hours


Factory Options for “Aerox”


Factory Options for “Human Power”

- Tires
- Brakes


Mods for “Aerox”

See specs.

Pretty much stock look to it, except the engine is completely tuned.

YSS Shockabsorber (not on picture, still stock)
Gilera Ice Mudguard (not on picture, still stock)

Gonna make some new pictures soon

Mods for “Human Power”

- Uh...


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