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    Sep 11, 2008 at 10:25 pm
    Well I took my wife out to a few motorcycle shops a few times over the last 4 months, and showed her what motorcycle I have been wonting for a few years now... A Yamaha Stratoliner Midnight (Raven) with 1900cc.
    So after she saw how much they run ($12,900 to $16,900 new and used) she started working her magic, and after about 4 weeks of research and searching, she found one that is a 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner Midnight (Raven)... It was a left over that had "0" miles, had never had any fluids in it, and never been started or sold. So it has its full factory warrantees as well.

    They had marked it at $14,800 and she got them down to $9,800 out the door. The only down fall is they were located in WI. But it was on our way back from Upper MI, since we went up there the same week we got the deal agreed on. So just planned to stop and pick it up after seeing all of her relatives who live in Upper MI. (the U.P.) But that is an entirely different adventure I will have to share later... LOL!

    So we picked it up, and I got all the extras I wonted for it ordered and paid for with 2/3's of the money I made on the sale of my 1962 Ford Galaxie.
    Yes, I sold it… It was a sad day for both myself and my wife. But looking back on it, it just needed way too much work, and we don't have the time for it. One show car is plenty for us for now. So it will just be my wife's 1971 Monte we will be showing for now. And maybe this motorcycle, since we have some ideas we are kicking around for it.

    So I rode it back from WI (370mi)... My wife, Stephanie, jumped on and rode with me when we got to the boarder of IL and IN, and her Mom drove her Van the rest of the way home for us from that point with our little girl, so we could ride the motorcycle the rest of the way home together. (about 200mi) Since we have not rode in a long time, she was totally sore (I was as well) but it was so funny to see her stuck on the motorcycle saying her butt was numb when we stopped for gas about 100mi into her portion of the 200mi she rode with me. A few more days of good riding and we will be back to our old selves and can ride longer with no issues.

    I have about 100mi to put on our motorcycle before it is due for its first service at 600mi... Have to do the oil, inspect a lot of stuff, and by that time can put on all my extras I ordered for it, since they should all be in by this Friday. (xL exhaust, hard saddle bags, floor boards, power commander, etc....)

    Well this got long... So I will stop for now…

    I have attached just a few of the pictures Steph took of it when we picked it up... To see more about our motorcycle and more pictures, check out the little on line scrap book Steph did for me on line at this link

    Steph will be adding more pictures as we get all my extras put on it, and get more done to it. So check back now and then for the updates.

    How they had our motorcycle waiting for us when we got there to pick it up.



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    Oct 16, 2008 at 7:52 pm
    sweet ride my buddy has an 07,it has all the goodies added to it too.
    you'll definately want to get a mustang seat soon for those long rides.
    enjoy your safe and enjoy the freedom of riding.


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