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  • birds4ever started a blog post My First Show

    My First Show

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    She's finally show worthy! I finally, after 3-years 2-months, closed the garage doors Saturday night at 10:30 and said it was ready for the drive the next morning to its first show. I've had many people follow the build over the years, and I had to share...
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  • birds4ever started a blog post It Lives!!

    It Lives!!

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    Lot's of progress on the 'bird since last posted. Front end is on and lines look great. I installed a MagnaFlow 3" stainless X pipe exhaust and had it powder coated. Looks and sounds fantastic. I will have to remove the X pipe section and run straight...
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  • birds4ever started a blog post motor and tranny

    motor and tranny

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    FINALLY! I will have to say that this entire experience has been both NERVE RACKING and one EXCELLENT experience. Motor and tranny are in. I took it next door to Sky's Seat Cover Center and we have the headliner in, doors loaded and ready for glass....
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  • birds4ever started a blog post block and paint

    block and paint

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    BTW - I completely forgot to give credit to Restore A Muscle Car, RAMC, Lincoln, NE for the block and paint on this bird. These guys are responsible for making this bird laser straight and with one of the nicest paint jobs I've seen. An awesome job by...
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