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  • ryman104 started a blog post WHAT AN IDIOT!


    About a year ago i went to trade my car into carmax because i wanted a truck.. And the guy came up to me with my car value for the trade and told me $4500, and i laughed in his face and asked why.. He told me because everything on it was not stock! I said...
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  • ryman104 started a blog post Who needs a clutch??

    Who needs a clutch??

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    Is it just me, or do other people with manual transmissions shift with no clutch?? I have a 5 speed, and i rarely use the clutch, so much fun and just curious if im the only 1 to do that!! it is possible, if you dont belive me ill take a video... please...
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  • ryman104 started a blog post Today :(

    Today :(

    So today, i called around and researched a little bit on things i can do to my car besides going straight for a turbo.. WOW bad choice, its going to cost a bunch.. I guess ill just wait to see if i can find a good price :/ If any one had any ideas for me,...
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