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  • Bmwz389 started a blog post Progress!


    So I took a stab at it again now that it was good weather and a day off. I pulled everything out, went back to bare. I decided to strip out all the old adhesive and respray the trunk with a rubberized coating to give it that "just off the lot" look where...
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  • Bmwz389 started a blog post Box built =)

    Box built =)

    So yesterday I finally got my box built! It took me all day because I ran into some cutting problems, I cut out total dimension instead of inset dimension on all the planks, sad and depressing I know, but oh well, what can you do haha. After the box was...
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  • Bmwz389 started a blog post Project Wicked

    Project Wicked

    So what was once a budget sound system, has now turned into a full blown project. I started with a Kicker ZX750.1 amp that I got for dirt cheap, and the wire kit was free =) I'm buying a Kicker CVX10D4 to match the amp. I'm building a custom enclosure...
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