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  • GMVWLOVER started a blog post Painting some stuff

    Painting some stuff

    Painted the cam gears. after paint.
    8186/104_7041.jpg after purple.
    8186/104_7046.jpg I'm painting the valve cover, brake booster, and some more stuff...
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  • GMVWLOVER started a blog post Headgasket :(

    Headgasket :(

    So found out my timing was dead on. It was a leaking headgasket. So i'm going to do some things to the neon. Felpro Head Gasket Felpro Head Bolts 420a intake cam as the exhaust cam 2.0 DOHC Neon intake cam swap PT Cruiser valve train 2.7 V6 Rocker arms...
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