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  • paarman started a blog post New interior mods coming

    New interior mods coming

    In may, I should have all of my stereo equipement, and be ready to have it installed near the end of the month. See mods for details on what Im putting in. Also in may, I plan on nite shading my tails, side markers, and corners to darken them up a bit....
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  • paarman started a blog post Mods are rolling in..

    Mods are rolling in..

    I recieved my tires last friday.. Falken FK 452s, 245/40/18 for fronts, and 275/35/18 for the rears. Also recieved my new diff. cover, and wheel locks/lugs. Next weekend Ill be getting my posi and gears installed. Couple weeks after that (hopefully...
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  • paarman started a blog post Wheels purchased

    Wheels purchased

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    Well Ive taken a complete turn around for my choice of wheels. For a while now I have wanted Eagle Alloy 077 rims... recently I learned that the wheels are not that wide, and are rare, and decently pricey on top of it. So I have changed my route, and...
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