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  • wrecklez_28 started a blog post next step tally

    next step tally

    just trying to keep track of the tally =) revalved bilstein's- $530.00 vogtland springs- $197.00 $727.00 --------------------------------- j&m LCA's- $100.00 j&m LCA relocation- $90.00 j&m adj P/H- $87.00 $277.00 --------------------------------- stranobar...
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  • wrecklez_28 started a blog post bummer


    time for an update i guess. well my work situation has changed drastically, i ended up sending back the springs but cant return the custom valved shocks so il put those aside until i can swing both at once. good news is my opti is fine, just had a hicup or...
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  • wrecklez_28 started a blog post next round

    next round

    well im not liking the way my engine has ben running latley, at just about 90k miles now and im pretty sure my optispark distributer is starting to crap out on me. so il replace it with a new msd opti annd might as well replace the meziere electric water...
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  • wrecklez_28 started a blog post camaro update

    camaro update

    the maro is doing great finally got it on the road on the 20th somin of august, $3500 later.. had to bring it to the shop to get done with my busy schedual :( so the mechanic kinda screwed up of course annd i got downgraded from my old centerforce DF clutch...
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  • wrecklez_28 started a blog post update on my whore:

    update on my whore:

    I just got my tranny back from t56rebuilds( they did an awesome job on it so far as i can see LOL im sure its grade a work tho. so they say they used my tranny in an article with gm high-tech which i find really cool so the tranny is all...
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