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Wow what a weekend here down in Houston!! I can only thank God that we came out in lot better shape than alot of my neighbors down here lot folks lost roofs all though well need a new one my self lost a 14 year old oak tree in front my house and got water inside the Ford Focus (workholic) but able to dry it out. The folks in Galvaston is like New Orleans many people have lost there home Tiki Island and West side of Galvaston that was not protected of the sea wall total devestaion. We just got our power back late last night but still over 2.8 Milliion without power here. Gas stations our closed everywhere and stores only partial open with what they had before the storm. I feel very lucky as said of what I have and all our niegbors here worked so well to get trees cut down and debris removed from our streets. Just to let everyone know as well FEMA has failed again they claim they had supplies ready for help and they still claim things and help on the way 48 hours after the storm if anyone out here wiho has family down here and have had not contact let me know. I do know the Cities of Conroe, Clear Lake, Woodlands, Downtowon Houston, City of Belaire have no power or other utilites, Cell phones with ATT and Veriozon have spratic service so if you are tying to contact anyone use text message if you cannnot get through by voice. Some areas will take as long as four weeks to get power restored in a lot of these areas. Anyway please keep evyone in there prayers thank God for our country and say a prayer for the folks in Galvaston, If you want to look at some video footage two stations have had excellent coverage and