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It is in the books. The Pontiac Brand is officially out of business. It certainly marks a sad day for the GM brand and the Automotive world in general.


It now rests with Oldsmobile as another major brand in the archives of Transportation History. This is a clear testimonial to what happens when you fill a company with people who really don't know anything about their products or market place and simply how to count beans.

When you quit listening to your customers and think you know better than then do, you will loose your identity and focus. It will only be a matter of time before the writing becomes clear on the wall.

I think we have government regulations to blame for some of this too. I am not saying we shouldn't be mindful of our environment and the impact we have on it or the safety of our cars, but there is a point when you are regulating too much.

Pick up a copy of Car Craft or Hot Rod and see the cover story as the political machine positions to put an even tighter grip on our hobby. We all need to pay attention or our cars will just be something we get to look at, but never drive.

Pontiac - RIP