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Oh man, let me tell you! This engine needed TLC. Don modified things like you wouldn't believe. His words where, " when you change one're gonna change everything!". As you can see...he was right! Even something like the alternator needed a modified bracket and spacers to line it back up with the other pullies (don't ask how that happened). The waterpump we needed for the 'vette wasn't listed but if you order it, they have's just not listed (WTFreak) just ask for the year and that it's for a 'vette(it took us 3 try's! New rubbers to fit the 4 core radiator and some spacers for the shroud (that was easy).Running the tranny lines and then the fuel line for the electric fuel pump, then the bracket for the accelerator and kickdown, the wires and made-up brackets from scratch,you just don't realize how much all that little(but important) stuff can take out of ya.Anyway, it kicked over on the first crank (thank you Lord). Don's gonna time it and hook up the vacuum advance this week. I'll get more video (with better lighting) and then on to the next task.
Buddluv's ya, Peace!