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Project car birthday present to myself... took some wheeling & dealing and didnt arrive on my birthday but she came home a few days later! 10-18-08...I could not resist...I forced open the glove-box...under the mice-nest of shreaded insulation...I discovered the original 1969 olds 4-4-2, holiday coupe, supreme, vista-cruiser owners manual...only a small corner had been munched on by mice. Found the former owners cut-in-half drivers license from 1983...Mr Don Green of Largo Florida. Found a ton of maintenance records dating from the early 70s-1983...all paperwork, credit card receipts from exxon etc...abruptly stop in 1983. Guess Im the first to open it in 25 years. There was also a mint 1968 phillips 66 SE US road map and a mint 1970's Exxon map wih the Tiger on it...way cool!!!
Also, found 2 handwritten to-do lists for his son's cars...and a registration for a 1967 Pontiac V8 2-door hard top....hmmmm...wonder what that was...GTO? Hmmmm.....
10-29-08 Update: The 'parts-Car' is here! Nothing like a freebee...running olds rocket 350, new tires and lots of little parts! The actual car is trashed though...some kid hand painted portions with metalic green paint, tons of trunk floor or lid...but lots of little parts!
December 2008: Picked up a brand new set of Flow-tech long tube headers. Just eyeballing it...the starter is smack-dab in the way. Investigated starter, found it damaged and broken...someone trying to shove a set of header in there and detroyed it...look original...oh well...
1-15-09: With the holidays behind me... I picked up my new power-master Oldsmobile V8 clockable compact can pivot out of the way of the headers an is fully heat insulated from header-heat. Saturday the 16th might actually be starter and header in stall date with a grand finale of starting the engine...because I can think of no other word for it....'up!' haha.
I had the carb is a BMP fuel systems modified holley double-pumper with no horn or chocke for racing aplications only...hmmmm... if the info is true, and she has been bored...and there is a wicked cam...this should be interesting! Maybe a little bit o a attitude un til it warms up without a choke! I will keep this blog updated!
01-19-09:PowerMaster compact clockable starter compared to stock attached
11-29-09: Pulled the Rocket 350 & 350 Transmission out of the 1970 parts-car (I will never do that on a dirt surface again...ever).
12-01-09 New torque converter, screen, pan gasket installed...looking forward to having this transmission in there this weekend...hopefully!