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In May 1973, Chevrolet produced the one millionth Vega. A million buiilt in three years! Chevrolet chose a GT Hatchback coupe featuring a bright orange exterior with white sport stripes, a neutral custom vinyl interior featuring exclusive vinyl door panels, orange accent color carpeting, power steering and Millionth Vega door handle accents.
Chevrolet produced a special limited edition Millonth Vega replicating the milestone car. 6500 were built at the rate of 10 cars per hour from May through July 1973.(10% of total production for 3 months)

Millionth Vega - ZM5 option $497.00 included-
GT Package
Power Steering
Bright Orange Exterior (code 86)
White Sport Stripes
Light Neutral Custom Vinyl Interior w/exclusive Vinyl Door Panels
Accent-Color Carpeting - Orange
Millionth Vega Door Handle Accents

Chevy merchandising issued a colorful dealer folder showing the exterior and interior of car and highlighting its exclusive color combination.

Hot Rod magazine December 1973 said:
"On May 17th, 1973, the one-millionth Vega trundled down the ways and out the door of Chevy's Lordstown plant. Chevrolet was so smitten with the car that they've built 6143 "Millionth Vegas." The series is basically a styled-up Vega GT with some nice interior touches. It costs $500 more than the GT and comes with bright orange paint, white stripping, a "Millionth Vega' decal in the door handle, and power steering. They'll probably sell a million of 'em."

Hot Rod made two errors - It wasn't $500 more than the GT. The One-Millionth Vega ZM6 option at $497 included the GT package; also previous GM inside sources say a total of 6500 were produced.

Regular production options were available not in conflict with the ZM5 package - (any transmission, a/c, etc.)
Bright Orange exterior color was offered as a regular production Vega color (code 69) in 1974.
Vinyl Door Panels became part of the Custom Interior option from 1974 on.

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