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I am actually totally automitively declined and I rely heavily on my Bro for advice and assistance. As part of the restoration experience, I hope to acquire new knowledge in an area I know very little about.

As mentioned on the main page, I am currently trying to restore this car. The interior is actually not that bad, but it is old 'n' musty and I want to replace it. The seatbelt retractors are blown and the plastics are all cracked on them, so they definitely neeed to be replaced for safety. Then no more fogey-stogeys in the car. My goal is to restore the car in the original color scheme and only make mods in other areas to upgrade deficiencies.

The front hood is rusted between the sheets, I can hear the flakes running when I lift the hood. Looking for NEW replacement. I feel that getting a used hood will run the same problem of the rust between at some point, if not already. I have heard that there are aftermarkets in the original design, but I can't find one anywhere online. I think it would do the car an injustice to replace the hood with anything but the original design.

Just had windows tinted: 5% on rear and 35% on sides to help protect the new interior from sun damage when I get that done.

Just discovered new problems: front and rear main seals leaking...I get about 20 miles on a quart of oil...time to replace the motor. I am torn between doing a 383 or a 350. The 305 has been a fine motor. I feel the 350 will carry the weight of the car better. Sam is a street car, so I really don't see a need for the 383, but of course my Bro says the 383 will allow the car to achieve her true potential :-) But I can't afford new tires just 'cause I put the car in gear.

The new motor will also require the trans to be rebuilt / replaced. I really like the o/d trans, so I want to keep that feature. I will be upgrading that to stainless line and an external trans cooler.

If anyone has any advice about the replacement hood and / or seatbelts and where I can get, that would be awesome.

TNT (Til next time)