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where should i start

i started this project 7 years ago and it been an on going project. the reason why its taking so long is because i have had to make a lot of part to make this set up work and now i am at the end and closing in and getting ready to finish the car and start tuning it and getting it ready to race.

i started off with making my headers and it took me a while because i wanted them just right and to flow the best i can make.

then i bought 2 57 mm turbos and then made the down tubes.

it took a long time to find the right heads for my project and after 2 years of searching i found that had a perfect heads for my project that flow over 600 cfm

i bought a 4.2 crank and special rods and piston for the motor to make it strong and to have a built proof lower end.

then i got an early 80ds carb intake manifold and then had it fixed to work with fuel injection then added a 90 mm plenum with a 83 mm svo tb

i bought a double inter-cooler with 750 cfm flow or better. i mocked up the inter-cooler piping and bov valves
i added a oil cooler

air to fuel gague

exhaust tep gauge

boost gauge

water temp gauge

battery volt gauge

i bought a aluminum fly wheel and then bought a rack & pin steering so i can lose the power steering .

the only belt i will have on the car is a alternator belt

i put full 2 1/2 tru dual on the car all the way back to get the best exhaust flow

i bought a shift master tuner for the obdI

i all so changed the front end too look like a 97 thunderbird . with 97 head lights 97 front fenders and a 95 sc bumper and a 95 cobra r hood with 17 x 9 cobra r wheels too

and a special thanks to spinningwheels for all the help and there good prices on parts and good sale man ship .. they have got a life time buyer now.

they were the ones to help me get the parts i needed to finish my car

all i have to do now is finish putting the motor together and it will be running