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So I traded my Grand Caravan on this on Tuesday, it had 18X9 inch Chrome Cobra R wheels, large billet spacers on it with BALD rear tires. I then on first night of owning it found a factory wheel set about an hour drive away, scooped them up for $100. Then went the next day found four new Goodyear Integrity tires for $293 out the door ummounted. I work for new car dealer so I had the hook up on mounting and balancing, $30 for that. So now car rides wayyyyy better and has way less unsprung weight. I also have removed a dumbass Monster energy drink sticker in back window, gave car good vaccuming, cleaned windows in and out outside with rain X window cleaner. So today we bought oil filter wrench cap style, Motorcraft filter, two new drain plugs, Pennzoil Platinum synthetic 5W 30. Dealer sold use clips to keep headlight secure along with interior screws that are needed and oil filter for like $7. Today car got fresh rain X wipers and we had our mechanic friend replace a tired out serpentine belt also. Lots more coming for sure we appreciate help/advice so comment please its a lot of typing for no body to read this lol.