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I came across this wild looking Road Runner concept that is going to be built from a Dodge Challenger!

First we see new 2010 cars converted from Challengers to Plymouth Cuda's and 2010 Camaros converted to look like Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams!
Now I came across this being auctioned off on eBay!
This is part of the write up of the auction.

Up for auction is the Road Runner Concept Car.
It’s the rebirth and new interpretation of one of the most legendary muscle cars – the Plymouth Road Runner.

This stunning concept was created by independent designer Michael Leonhard and gained attention through several magazines like Hot Rod, Mopar Enthusiast ... and numerous auto blogs. The concept has cues drawn from the Road Runners of ´71 and ´72, albeit interpreted in a modern key.

This is a unique opportunity to get this faboulous muscle car concept in working and driving condition. The car will be built as a one-off in cooperation with a world leading and renowned company specializing in coach building and concept car manufacturing.

The auction includes manufacturing of a running vehicle using a 2009 Dodge Challenger 6.1 L HEMI platform and drive train with an all new body. Finished off in show quality! The winner of this auction will get the chance to witness the birth of this exclusive and one-of-a-kind car!

All for a starting bid of only $950,000 U.S Dollars! YIKES!
I think the Hemi Challenger is just under that from the local Dodge dealer lol ;)
So what a deal on one unique ride!
So put your bids on quick! lol!

Check out the You Tube video here!

So what do you think of the car besides it's over the top price tag?
Being an old MOPAR fan I love it, But the price is only for the rich and famous!

I'll stick with our new Camaro Thank You very much!