Filed under: 1993 Ford Thunderbird SC (Dangerous)

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So late fall I cracked the oil pan on my car when I hit a massive rock on the roadway on the way to work. Oil all over the place, but didn't loose oil pressure. Unfortunately the motor needs to come out to swap the pan. So it's sitting in the garage waiting to get to it.

I'll be pulling the motor here in February and then checking all the bearings and cylinders for any issues. The new pan comes with a windage tray, so that will be an addition.

Fuel system issues were holding me back last year so that will be resolved this spring with the addition of a new fuel tank customized with baffles and a new high pressure fuel pump, new fuel lines (-10 feed, -6 return) and significant fuel rail modifications and a new fuel pressure regulator.

New custom long tube headers, a new Detroit Tru-Trac rear diff and Drive Shaft Specialties Stage 2 Rear axles. Mid Summer I'll be working on a new intake plenum for the blower (larger volume) and modified inlet plenum that bolts to the intake manifold (room for the blower plenum and slightly larger volume).

Hope to hit 500rwhp before next fall. This will likely be the last year I can go without a cage. Thus forecasting 2012, better brakes, cage, cam, new TKO manual trans. Damn.. I may need a sponsor.