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We checked out the Econo West van show and swap at the Rose Bowl, in Pasadena, CA on April 13th. What better to do when you finished doing your taxes and it was a lazy overcast day? There was probably about 20 vans and a few non Ford samples of vintage 70's van life experiences.
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Custom inerior with mirrors, shag and upholstered walls. Lets not forget the built in cooler and faux stained glass pendant lights.
Octagonal steering wheel? yep, we saw those too. But before you start bashing on vans, take a closer look at what can be done with these. Case in point, the slammed metallic flake Econoline dressed with maple hardwood seats and custom stainless struts in the ceiling.
Form follows function with these basic boxes that dictate utilitarian usage and most often, neglect. There's always time to learn how to drive one of these with the 3 speed column shift. It's been too long for me.
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