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Happy 65th to Hot Rod Magazine. It has come a long way from the small beginning in 1948 with Robert Petersen to one of the most prominent automotive magazines of all time.

This gathering of Hot Rod Magazine cover and feature cars actually became a real life timeline of history dedicated to the hot rod. The show was appropriately placed around the NHRA Motorsports Museum, in Pomona, CA at the Fairplex on March 22-24. Despite a lower turnout for Sunday, this show still brought out the essence to celebrating what we always have a passion for, quite simply, a hot rod. Start with the dry lakes roadsters, belly tanks, modifieds to all out street rods and AMBR winners, this show had it. Hot Rod did a good job of placing large posters next to each car with its image from when it was originally featured in the magazine. A retrospective of then and now in your face and how in most cases, the car has changed very little. A documented history of your car being in Hot Rod increases its value by huge amounts, especially if it makes the cover. Wouldn’t we all like to have our ride on the cover of Hot Rod? These cars filled 3 buildings with plenty of space for photos. Vendors were mixed inside while the larger displays were parked outside. Overall, the mood was mello with the beer line maybe being two people deep.

Of course, while you’re at the Fairplex, its always a good idea to check out the NHRA Museum. Get your fill on more hot rodding history, the SCTA, Wally Parks and the birth of the NHRA from 1955 to present. Looking at some of those racecars makes you ask the question “would I get in that and go 110+ mph?” Then tell yourself some guy did that on the dry lake bed when you get in your late model car with seat belt warning light and alarm to head home. Those guys had balls, man!

This show did not have the super high number of hot rods and customs like the annual
L.A. Roadster Show or the Grand Nationals, but it certainly made its point of just how important Hot Rod Magazine has affected us and more importantly, the industry.
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