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Judy Smongesky's father gave her a 1965 Mustang as a graduation present when she was 18. Thirty-seven years later, Judy found out the car was reported stolen two weeks before they bought it.

Just drove the car for 20 years, rebuilt the engine once, and painted it twice. In the 1990s, a neighbor noticed the car had different VIN numbers on the door and under the hood. Judy called the police, they checked it out and said everything checked out okay.

But just recently, Judy started restoring the car. Before dumping a lot of money into the restoration, she decided to have the VIN numbers checked out again. She called the police, and this time they discovered that the VIN on the driver's side door was from a 1964 Mustang. They ran the VIN under the hood and found out the car was reported stolen 37 years earlier.

Police have located the original owner, Eugene Brakke of Los Angeles, and told him they have found his car. Legally, the car is his and he can just go pick it up.

Judy spoke to Mr. Brakke, and he wants to see the car but hasn't told whether he wants it or not.

She said he did not seem happy or excited that his car was found, but instead, he seemed dismayed that the car had been repainted from gold to blue.

Legally, Brakke can just get in the car and drive it away. Judy still loves the car and wants to keep it, but she still feels she did the right thing, no matter what the outcome is.

Judy hopes she and Brakke can come to an agreement, but knows that may not be the outcome.

“I'm hoping he says, 'You can have it,' but it's his car,” she said. “I will keep it if I can.”