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Ok, I actually finally got a little time to work on the car. My day job has been nuts lately, but I had most of the day today to work on it, and will have Monday and Tuesday off to get some things done around here, so hopefully more progress will be made this week. It is getting closer!

Progress made lately:

- Rear windshield installed
- Front door glass / regulators installed
- Headlight buckets installed and sealed
- Lots of misc. trim buffed out and some installed
- Bought the wrong tires, they're too short (calculated based on my old '63 Corvair rolling diameter!! Oops!) and will result in 4000+ RPM on the interstate. I'll be switching to 16" Panasports/Minilites with gunmetal centers and some taller tires. I'll keep the Azenis tires for auto-x.


Sandblasted and painted the slightly modified headlight hardware for the Hella e-codes that are going in. Wiring will come next.

Made speaker mounts for the 6" drivers under the dash. Tweeters will be molded into the a-pillar covers.

Put down insulation in the parcel shelf area where I'll be putting the 8" subwoofers and more 6" full-range speakers: