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Back in 1957 The city of Tulsa desided to put a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere in a time capsule only to be opened 50 years later. Well now it is 2007, 50 years later and they have unearthed the classy or up untill now classy car. It turns out that through the years the time capsule has had a bit of a leak. The the beautiful classy car that once was is no more. After being stuck under groud in 7 feet of water, things might go bad. When they opened the capsule and saw the water, they instantly called hazmat to clean out the water for fear that it might be toxic. They tryed starting the car but it would not start. it is now on desplay, i dont know where but maby it will turn up some day at a big car show or somthing. But i still think it is an amazing achievement to do somthing like that and for it to last.