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This is/was (was in the sense that I've since sold this car) a '76 El Camino. It had a 350 (HP unknown - let's just say it was a typical '76 rating). It did have a 4 barrel and duel well as power steering and power disk brakes. It was originally equipped with A/C, although it no longer worked by the time I got it.

I had bought this car because I wanted an inexpensive truck with some "cool factor". This seemed to meet my needs. The photos are flattering & allow the viewer to overlook many of the car's cosmetic flaws. It ran well - that is to say it didn't smoke, leak, ping or knock, but it wasn't a performance powerhouse.

One of my sons had a very nice Silverado. That was an enabler for me to sell this El Camino and continue to pursue my goal of owning at least one of everything ever made.