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I had prepared myself to do a Powerglide transmission swap on my eldest daughter's '64 Corvair, but that didn't have to happen. A couple weeks ago, she told me that her car didn't want to shift into gear when first started. She said she'd checked the fluid level and it was fine. When she got home for Thanksgiving break, I asked her how the car drove, and she replied that it didn't want to shift while going down the road either. I asked her how she'd checked the fluid level, and she told me, "with the engine running and the transmission in Neutral." I immediately went out and checked it in Drive and it was barely on the dipstick. I had a pint and a half of transmission conditoner on the shelf in the garage, so I poured the whole thing in. She's been driving now for a week, and all's good again.

With that crisis averted, I focused on finishing her car's back seat bottom reupholstery project. I got the rest of the cloth sewed onto the vinyl and the edge-wires cut, bent, and installed. After putting down the horsehair pad replacement and a couple layers of cottong batting, I installed the seatcover with daugther #3 crimping on the hog-rings. It turned out okay. I got it installed the night before Brianna left to go back to school. Her text message to me the next day was, "The backseat looks awesome! Thank you so much. It's so much quieter."