Filed under: 1967 Plymouth Barracuda (bucket o' bolts)

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Well, it was partly a success. No major problems, found an oil leak that needs to be fixed. The car preformed well, soft on the launch, best 60ft was 1.53. No improvement yet. I need to get a hold on the suspension. Tune the ladder bars and get the car to leave harder.

Going to pull the plugs over the weekend and read them. See if theres any detonation, rich/lean condition. Maybe throw in some more timing. Go up to 40*. Maybe add some rpm to the shift point. Shifts at 6500. Maybe step up to 7000.

One thing at a time. First is to stop the oil leak, change the fuel regulator and the plugs. Best run of the night was a 7.27 @ 94.81mph. If i can shave the 60' time, the car will drastically improve. I'm aiming for 1.40's. All in due time!