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I realized I haven't posted since January and decided it was about time. Isn't it great that we can all get out and enjoy our cars again??? We've been to a small local Mopar Show in Pinellas Park FL, Mopar Madness in Valdosta GA, and the All Ford show at Carlisle PA so far. We'll be at the GM Nationals in Carlisle this weekend. Yay!! I'm so glad to get out.

The Golden Girl has had so much work done. The upholstery work we had done was awesome. The fabric we purchased from a place in Colorado was the factory original fabric. A local artisan did the work and it looks better than I dreamed. Meets my perfectionist standard and then some.

We found the kickdown linkage on eBay and I love being able to feel the whole four barrel :-) Hubby drove her to work one day and dropped her off with friends to get the front end aligned. Apparently my baby caused a lot of interest wherever she went. He says she chirped in 2nd and 3rd so he's decided to stay under the hood instead of behind the wheel. The 340 has less than 100 miles since the rebuild and I don't want to push it 'til it's at least a little broke in. Guess he wasn't so hesitant.

Right now we need to get the metal window trim back on and some wipers so I can drive her to work. I've driven her around a bit on weather-friendly days and it's a blast!

We also have a knock in the rear (original to the car and okay for a 318 but not the 340) and will replace it with a 8 1/4 or 8 3/4 if we can find one at a show this year.

She overheats a bit in traffic and we think we might get the original radiator re-cored and put it back in. We put a new aftermarket one in but hubby was skeptical of it from the beginning.

So ~ lots more work to do but I can drive her now and enjoy that lovely Mopar muscle rumble. Nothing on earth like it!