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Well, the dramatic tale of clamping I related in my last journal entry ended in a most bizarre way. I arrived at my car in the early morning armed with what I hoped were sufficient tools to dismantle my suspension and remove the clamp, only to find the clamp had gone! Both the other cars that had been clamped had gone, and mine was happily driveable. The autotest went well, and I came 4th. The skinny tyres are definitely the way to go.

The XS and I then enjoyed an exhilirating drive home in the wee small hours. The car got a proper workout and I reached 106 at one point - the first time I've been able really to stretch its legs. The other thing that struck me during the drive is how well spaced the gears are - despite being low and close, they match the acceleration of the engine beautifully through 3rd, 4th and 5th. I think having 2nd would make an unimaginable difference!

The car is now running nicely, although tending to boil its coolant. The instrument panel is playing up too - gauges and lights appear to function somewhat at random! But it runs well. I need it to continue doing so until the AA lift their embargo on me, in a couple of weeks' time! (I've used up the maximum 5 callouts in my membership year, which runs from mid-April). The major test the XS will undertake is a monster event next weekend - driving to Bristol, then rallying to Exeter, then being thrashed in various ways around Chris's property, and a looong drive home. Wish me luck...