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We went Friday to check on Dragonbird, and with the exception of sanding a few small places, she's almost ready to be sprayed :D Alan already had all the little dings and dents fixed and primered and even rebuilt that piece that is between the t-top and back hatch. It looks so smooth now. That is one downfall of a t-top car that has some HP under the hood, unibodies will twist. Subframe connectors are in Dragonbirds near future :) But anyways i'm so excited!!!!! I'm hoping I get to bring her home no later than this Friday. Everyone please just keep your fingers crossed and pray really really hard that the airbrush guy will show up. If he don't, i'm not waiting for him. It's time for Dragonbird to come home now, but I really hope he shows because I really want my bird on the hood :D