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Today I finished putting the rack and pinion on. How ridiculous! I could not get it all apart, so I just broke the metal hose. then when it came time to put it all togeather I could not understand how I was suposed to get in there to put the hose back on. I started this project yesterday at around noon and finished today at around midnight. All and all I think that this project took about 17 hours so far. The upsetting part is, I couldn't finish putting it together because it was to late and I cant use the air compressor. First thing in the morning I am getting that out. My son goes to school at 8, so I will be up at 7 pissing the neighbors off. They should be up any way.

I am concerned about this. The outside of one of the hoses ripped. It isn't all the way threw the center, but if I have to take that all apart again I am going to be really upset. The worst part is that I have to wait till morning to find out if I did good. But its all part of the fun.

I know there were supposed to be pics up today but I had to fix this problem before I worry about that. They will be up soon.