Filed under: 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo (# The Hell Beast)

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I was on the way home from Reading. When a person in front of me was making a right turn going down a hill, I hit the brakes and lost control of the Hell Beast. I started to slide to the left and some how I over corrected and it started to slid to the right. So I let go of the wheel for a second and jumped on the gas. As the rear started to slide to the left I was able to get her back under control. The worst part was that my son was in the back seat at the time. After this all happened I was told by my wife that I just missed hitting the poll by inches. So needless to say I was shaken up for about 10 miles or so. I thought about what had happened and the only thing I can come up with is that the brake are the reason I almost wrecked the Monte tonite. Man my Mom must have been in the passenger seat with me because if I did not do what I did I might not be here now. Talk about crappin a pickle.