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Wow I can't beleive it has been this long since I updated the information here.

In a nutshell here is what brings you up to speed;

Last summer I added Kooks long tube headers, a Lingefelter fuel pump upgrade, and Patriot Gold dual valve springs in an attempt to pick up some more power.

I had the car retuned and found I picked up a whopping 10 HP at the peak.

The car does sound better with the headers, and seems to have more power across the whole RPM range, but I must say I was expecting more power.

So in the fall of 2008 after the GTO had been put away for the winter another round of upgrades began.

First of all was a flowtech positive displacement grind blower cam, and matching pushrods. To get the cam degreed just right I used a Comp Cams double roller timing set.

That was suppose to be the end of that job, but trouble came. The double roller requires spacing the stock oil pump out from the block. I think that contributed to the loss of oil pressure shortly after start up with the new cam.

Rather than fooling around if I had to take it back apart, I went with the SLP high volume pump that works with the double roller without needing spacers or other modifications.

Reassembly after that upgrade led to the next problem. I used the "longer bolt" method to try and pull tha balancer on (It has worked for me a few times in the past) unfortunately doing so led to trashed threads in the crank, and ultimately to a broken bolt in the snout of the crank.

Luckily I was able to simply tap threads into the out portion of the crank and use a larger 3/4" bolt in place of the stock one.

So the People Eater is up and running again. The new cam sounds angry! I can't wait for Spring and another dyno tune to see what power level we are at now. If it isn't a significant gain I'm afraid I might just have to build a stroker block and throw a bunch more boost at it...

Hopefully it won't be two years until I give you the next update.