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Well, I took a significant step towards restoring my SC to working order today. The alternator failed marvelously last year and as I haven't had to drive it, I haven't done anything with it yet. Now as winter is ready to set in, I find myself wanting to get it running again. Go figure! I think it had something to do with my medical situation the last year...

At any rate, I took my spare alternator in to a rebuild shop to see if it was good. Turns out it wasn't (good thing I didn't just throw it on my car!). So a rebuild was in order, not only because it was bad, but also because the alternator for this car is an odd one, so finding a replacement is difficult. I figured that while it was apart, I'd have the case powder coated. This is my first step in making my engine compartment looking much better than stock. I had it powder coated a dark gray color that almost looks like a smoked gray.

I also had to fix the wiring on my harness as the previous alternator had burnt the wire and actually melted it and severed it. I used a negative battery cable (15" long, but cut down obviously) so that I didn't have to try to attach an eyelet onto a 4-gauge cable. I spliced it with an aluminum splicer with two set screws that could splice up to 4-gauge cables. That done, I wrapped it in electrical tape and will put a small wire loom around it for looks.

I should get my alternator back tomorrow so it can then be installed. Not sure if that will happen though as the weather is supposed to turn bad on Wednesday here...Welcome winter.

I need to get a garage!