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The past couple weekends I only worked on the Camaro a little bit. I took the MSD ignition system off my Trans Am to put it in the Camaro. Most of the ignition is installed now. I only have a couple more wires to connect and spark plug wires to run.
I relocated the battery tray from the passanger side of the engine to the driver side. I did this because I want to fabricate my own cold air intake on the passanger side some day. The relocation went great - you'd never know the battery didn't come on the driver side from the factory.
Spent many hours trying to run wiring as neatly as possible. That sure takes a long time if you want it to look good. Most of the engine wiring is done now. Pretty much just have to hook up the starter, install some fuel injection wiring and connect everything to the battery.
While I was working in the engine bay I found a mouse nest in the heater box. That's gone now. It was the third mouse nest I've removed from the car. The other ones were in the rear seat and in the driver side front framerail near the spring perch. Those things sure do smell awful!
I'm really hoping to start the car this week, but I don't want to get my hopes up.