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Yesterday, my daughter, Victoria, and I retrieved her $1 1968 Corvair Model 500 2-door hardtop without issue. We arrived at the gentleman’s house around 2:30 and were back in our driveway before 5. We were able to get three of the tires to hold air from my 12V compressor, so we changed the fourth with one of the spares I’d brought. The driveway was slightly sloped the wrong way, so we had to hook the tow-bar up to the rear bumper and pull her out to the street before reversing the tow setup. I’m torn about saying the car’s in better shape that I’d expected. The paint's in great condition where the rust hasn’t caused it to fail, but there’s more rust than I’d have wanted. I’ll be taking some “before” pictures in the next week or so (no sooner since I don’t get home before dark anymore). The worst places are driver’s front fender just ahead of the gas filler, around the front and rear windows, and in the wheelwell openings. The color of the car is Tripoli Turquoise and Victoria loves it. The black interior is like new. The engine and compartment look extremely clean. The guy had started the engine less than two years ago, and had driven it less than five years ago. He replaced the entire brake system only eight years ago, so this car could be on the road with little work. It would be nice to make it drivable quickly so I can easily move it in and out of the garage when I need the space for working on another car.

Speaking of space in the garage, my youngest daughter, Mikhaila, and I spent about six hours together in the garage Saturday afternoon rearranging and throwing stuff away. We had a great time, and now there’s nothing on the floor along either side opening up a lot more space.