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So, I ripped my car apart today. Found out the reason my brakes were so messed up because the relay and the pump. O what a headache. I ended up taking the first master cylinder apart and put the second one togeather, the noticed that some parts would not work. So, I had to take the second apart and put the parts on the first. Took all day, I hate when that happens. But, It is done. So, I can now drive like a pissed off teenager again. lol. well, at least when that taxi cuts me off next time I can stop and not get hit. (Taxis dont like my car for some reason.) well, just wanted to let every one know that its done.

The next project is the sincros in the trans and a paint job. After the trans work I get to do all the fun stuff. (If my wife lets me) Cant wait,