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Well last month I forgot to mention that my girlfriend and I went to Disney World in Florida! It was awesome and we had a ton of fun!

First I will start off with model cars. Ok I know I havent been doing much but I have been super busy. The visible V8 has stopped me once again and I've been working with it little by little. I did get a model car to build today though (4/2). So that will be something to look forward to in the future.

I got the Ford R11 riding mower out for the spring and now as I look outside it is snowing! Great! It came out and started right up. My black Murray mower is having a little trouble. I am doing a valve job on it and it isnt going as planned. Hoping to have that running asap. The Sears has a 12HP Kohler to go on it but havent gotten around to cleaning out the motor since now it has dirt inside the oil when it fell off into the lawn. That will be a project! The John Deere was recently sold for $125 and I couldnt be happier!

The toshiba laptop I bought has not let me down once. It was recently upgraded to a 250 gigabyte hard drive and Windows 8. I also bought the Gateway netbook and that thing has been perfect. I took it to Florida with me and it was easy to carry and was super powerful. It was also upgraded to Windows 8. I have a bunch more computers that I have been working on, selling and trading. Just something that is a little hobby!

I have been looking for a job too! Not sure where I will apply yet.

I am still looking for license plates, car emblems and memorabilia and computers and parts now! I am willing to pay shipping or whatever!

well I think that is about it for this update! Will be up here again asap with diecasts, tractors etc.

Thanks for everything!!!